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"Training For Both Ends of the Leash"



Our Vision

Our vision is to provide you with the tools and skills so that you can have the best-trained dog in the neighborhood, a dog that you trust and be proud of, a dog with whom you have a great friendship with.

Dog training happens during every moment that you spend with you dog. Your dog is observing you and constantly learning from you and about you. 

Every minute that you spend with your dog is a training opportunity for you. I will teach you how to train your dog and how to integrate training into your regular daily routine.  It's easy and it's fun!

MDT's training program is backed by science.  Dogs are domesticated animals because they are intelligent and biddable animals.  They enjoy our company as much as we enjoy theirs and are easy to train if you know how to do it.  

Let me teach you how to train your dog.

Banish those unwanted behaviors by learning how to communicate with your dog in a way that your dog can understand.  Dogs are pack animals and like structure.  Most of the troubled dogs that are brought to me have owners lacking leadership skills.  Along with the position of leadership, comes responsibility and you need to know how to train your dog the right methods.

Our Business

We combine the best in science-backed and humane methods and standards to bring out the best in your dog.  My clients are thrilled with the positive response and change in their dogs during their first lesson.

Private sessions are customized for you and your dog.  

I are proud to say that we are recommended daily by all the veterinary professionals in the area and have thousands of satisfied clients with happy dogs.  References are available by request.



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