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  • "I was so frustrated with Ben that I thought about giving him away but we loved him and my kids would be heart-broken.  Dona Baker came to our home and now it's like we have a new dog!  We love him! —Catherine, Trent Woods
  • "Dona makes everything look so easy and she showed me how to do the training and gave me the confidence to do it.  Our dog has done a complete behavior turn-around.  We highly recommend Dona Baker, New Bern's dog whisperer".
  • "We were so embarrassed by our dog's behavior that we stopped taking him out on walks.  He started barking at everything that walked by our house and was ripping up our belongings.  Dona taught our dog how to walk politely on the leash and now we love to walk in downtown New Bern".
  • "I adopted a dog that was so aggressive on the leash that my neighbors started avoiding me when I was out with my dog.  Dona taught me and my dog what to do when people and dogs approach.  We used obedience for the dog and relaxation techniques for me and it worked!"
  • We started out with private sessions until I felt confident enough to take my dog to group sessions.  Dona was so patient with me and my dog and we could not believe how well-behaved our dog was in class".

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