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Preparing for Evacuation


"Prepare for the worst, and pray for the best".

First thing; know where you need to go in an emergency.  Have a backup plan in case roads are blocked.

Have a "Ditch Bag" prepared ahead of time for your pets.  A simple duffle bag works great for this.  Since we have two dogs with different needs, we have two bags prepared.  One has a pink ribbon and one, blue.  

Plan to have 3-6 days of food and water for your pets.  Keep it fresh; change it every now and then.   Have 2 weeks of any medications that your pet may need.  Insulin should be kept in your fridge and should be in a refrigerated container for grab-and-go.

Identification is imperative.  Dogs should have a collar with an ID with your cell and home phone on it.  If towers go down, a landline number is helpful.

Have a current picture of your pet in a ziplock bag.  Have a current picture of you and your pet in a ziplock bag.  If your pet is lost, you can make posters of your pet.  If someone challenges ownership, you have a picture of you and your pet.  Dogs should be micro-chipped.  Keep that registry info up-to-date. All pets need to have a current rabies CERTIFICATE, not just a tag because tags can be swapped. Our dogs always get a Bordatella vaccine because they are constantly in areas where other dogs frequent.  Speak to your vet about your pet's vaccination needs and have current records on hand.

Pets should be leashed.  This is not a time for a retractable leash.  You need good control of your pet.

Diaper wipes, paper towels and baggies for poop control. Prepared for stress-induced diarrhea.  Disposable turkey pans (2) make good portable litter pans. Use litter that your cat is used to.

Have a muzzle on hand if your pet is aggressive is stressful situations.

Flashlight and batteries.

Lightweight bedding.

A crate!  Pets should be crate-trained before your need to transport them. Our dogs love their crates and are used to being transported in them.  Dogs are "denning" animals so they like being in them.  At home, our crate doors are open and our dogs go right in and nap when they want.  They put their toys in there.

Toys!  Chewing alleviates stress and boredom.  Have some new toys packed.

If your pet is normally nervous, speak to your vet about any medications, over-the-counter or prescriptions to have on hand, if needed. Holistic preparations and wraps can be helpful.

If you go to a designated emergency shelter in Craven County, you will probably not be able to have your pet with you.  They will probably go to the Fairgrounds in James City. 

The above list is not complete and every pet's needs are different.  Pack a Ditch Bag that suits your individual pet's needs.

Masterful Dog Training, Inc. provides training for pets that have phobias related to loud noises and storms.  Sometimes, loving owners can unwittingly make matters worse for their dogs.  If you have questions, please contact our office at or 252-672-5933.








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