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The Power of "Yes!".

Using behavior "markers" make it much easier for your dog to learn what you want.  We use the word, "Yes".  It's quick and it marks the moment a good behavior happens and is followed by various rewards, firstly, verbal praise.  When used consistently, your dog will learn what specific behaviors will be rewarded.  For example, when you lure a puppy to get to the sitting position, say "Yes" the moment his bottom touches the floor and follow-up with a yummy treat and praise.  Do this often and you will get a dog that will offer good behaviors trying to get you to say, "Yes!".  

Ten Tips for Travelling With Your Dog

It's a great time of year to be travelling with your dog.  Here's a few tips to make your trip safe and enjoyable:

  1. Secure your dog in the car.  You buckle up and so your dog should be protected also.  Dogs have a fight-or-flight instinct so if you are in a collision and someone opens the door to your vehicle, a traumatized dog may bolt and run. Dogs can get hit by other vehicles or lost.  There are various options for restraint.  Harnesses with a special strap that can be attached to a seat belt which allows your dog to sit up or lay down, crates and barriers.  There are drawbacks to each but it's probably better than having your dog become a projectile.  Dogs that are anxious usually do better when they are restrained.
  2. Bring plenty of water from home and two bowls; one for water, one for meals.  Never allow your dog to drink from puddles or natural water sources.  Bring plenty of food and your regular measure.  Don't forget any medicines.
  3. Have an up-to-date picture of your dog in your glove box and on your phone.  If your dog gets lost, you will have something to make posters with.  Also have an additional picture of you and your dog together so you will have obvious proof of ownership.  Is your dog's microchip info up-to-date?  Does your dog's tag have your cell phone and home phone number on it?  
  4. Bring a copy of the current rabies certificate.  A rabies tag is not sufficient.
  5. Bring high-value toys for your dog to play with during the trip.
  6. If you are going to a motel that allows dogs, bring a crate.  We put a small tarp under the crate in case the dog spills water.
  7. Bring a brush and a fine-tooth flea comb if you are planning to do some hiking.  One year, even though our dog had been treated with a monthly preventative, he had deer ticks on him after running through a grassy field.  The flea comb sure helped finding them.  
  8. Dogs love to ride hanging their heads out the window but they can also end up with debris in their eyes.
  9. Alcohol-free diaper wipes are great for a quick clean up.
  10. A towel doused in cool water can make a quick body temp cooler.  You can put it on your dog's belly.  If your dog has a hard time with the summer heat, there are cooling jackets specifically made for dogs.

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