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"Training For Both Ends of the Leash"



Our goal is to teach you how to train your dog.  Learn how to communicate to your dog in a way that the dog will understand.

We will motivate your dog to learn using humane training methods.

You will be able to contact your trainer between classes with your questions and also throughout the lifetime of your dog!


Confident & Obedient Puppy I01 - For puppies under 5 months.  This class covers the specifics of having a young puppy in your home.  House-breaking,  crate-training, mouthiness, chewing, jumping, barking, proper socialization and how to shape behaviors are covered.  Puppies will be introduced to walking on a leash, paying attention (even with distractions), Sit, Down, Come, Focus, Recalls, Give It and much more.

Confident & Obedient Puppy 201 - For graduates of Puppy 101, we expand on what they learned and add more distractions and raise the bar.  We introduce Zen exercises to help your dog learn to make good choices - Yes, they can!!!  Heeling properly, Sit/Stays, Down/Stays, Recalls, Meet & Greet with strangers, Give, Leave It, Place, Targeting and much more.

Obedience & Good Manners 101 for dogs over 5 months - Your dog will learn the basic commands such as Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Focus, Recalls, Meet & Greet with strangers, Targeting, how to walk on a leash, paying attention with distractions, making good choices with Zen and much more.  Learn the steps to teaching and communicating with your dog effectively.  These exercises will help guide you through your dog's adolescent stage where they develop "selective hearing" and become more adventuresome.  You will learn how to turn around a dog who has developed unwanted behaviors such as pulling on the leash, jumping for attention, barking, jumping up on doors, not coming when called and much more.

Obedience & Good Manners 201 - For graduates of O&G Manners 101, much  emphasis is given to working through distractions while heeling and staying in place.  Long distance recalls, making good decisions when faced with challenging distractions/enticements, long-distance stays, stays with distractions, out-of-sight stays, introduction to agility equipment and much more.

The Urban Dog - for fine-tuning being in public places (pre-requisites)

Canine Good Citizen Classes & Therapy Dog Prep. -   Prepare for the AKC's Canine Good Citizen Test and Therapy Dog International's Test.  Work through the prescribed exercises.  The dogs will be introduced to various pieces of medical equipment during the course.

Canine Good Citizen Testing - The test fee is $15 cash and is by appointment.  Check our CGC page for the exercises and requirements.  Open to all breeds of dogs and mixes.

Dog Training for Kids - Private, group and agility for dogs handled by children.  Each child must have adult supervision.

Service Dog Training -  This is a training program that is customized for the client's needs.

Fast & Fit Fidos:  This agility class combines the use of agility and exercise equipment for a course that will challenge your dog's mind and body.  Check with your vet that your dog is healthy and able to participate in this class. 

Private  training sessions are customized for you.  Sessions can be in your home or office at a convenient time for you or you can come to us. 

We strive to provide the best and most beneficial training experience for you and your dog.

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I was blessed to get a dog very early in life and that set me up to want a career working with them.  They are fascinating animals and wonderful companions.

Children and dogs are a natural combination as you can see here with my grandson, Daniel on the cover of My New Bern Magazine.

Families with children are encouraged to take our classes.  Dogs can be playmates, companions and trusted confidants for your children.  Dogs never lie and they don't give away secrets.

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